The GREAT War                         1914 - 1918

Adlington, Anderton and Heath Charnock remember.

January 19 - Zepplins bomb Great Yarmouth and Kings Lynn, killing 5 civilians.

February 18 - German U-boats begin blockade of Britain.

February 19 - Allied naval bombardment of the Dardenelles and Gallipoli begins.

April 22 - Second Battle of Ypres begins. First use of poison gas by German troops.

April 25 - Allied landinds at Gallipoli. 70,000 British, Empire and French troops land.

May 7 - Lusitania torpedoed by a German U-boat. Loss of American lives alters the USA’s attitude to the war.

May 23 - Italy joins the allies, declaring war on Austria.

May 25 - British coalition government formed after rising casualty figures, and allegations of poor equipment issued to our troops.

May 31 - First Zeppelin raid on London, kills 7 and injures 35 civilians.

June 30 - German troops use flame throwers for the first time.

August 16 - Whitehaven bombarded by German U-boat.

September 25 - At the Battle of Loos, the British use poison gas for the first time, but this is blown over their own troops resulting in in 2,632 casualties, 7 of which are killed.

October 12 - Edith Cavell, a British nurse, is executed for helping prisoners escape.

October 31 - Steel helmets introduced to the British front lines.

December 20 - 83,000 troops evacuated from Gallipoli.