Heath Charnock Parish Council

Adlington Circular Walk

Adlington Circular Walk is approximately 9km in length,, passing through varied scenery in Adlington, Heath Charnock and Anderton. The walk was refurbished in 2006/7, and upgraded with new gates and way-markers.  The project was financed by the Banks Foundation, Lancashire County Council, Chorley Council, Adlington Town Council, and Anderton and Heath Charnock Parish Councils.

The complete walk takes you from the towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (see photo on left), to the foot of the West Pennine Moors, across country through Huyton Fields and the bank of the River Douglas. Some of this scenery has not changed for centuries.

Copies of a leaflet with the route of the walk are available from the library on Railway Road, Adlington..

The Adlington Circular Walk was originally created and set out by Adlington Conservation Volunteers in the 1990’s to form a pleasant, continuous walking route of approximately 9km (5.6 miles) passing through the varied scenery of Adlington, Heath Charnock and Anderton.

In 2006 a formally constituted group, ‘The Friends of Adlington Circular Walk’ was established to refurbish the walk with better access and new signage, oversee long term maintenance and promote and publicise the walk for the benefit of the area. Unfortunately this Group has now folded due to lack of interest.

If you have an interest in the local countryside and would be interested in playing a part in maintaining and promoting the circular walk then please contact any of the following local councils:-