Freedom of Information Policy

Heath Charnock Parish Council (hereinafter called “The Parish Council”) has adopted the “Model Publication Scheme” with effect from 9 October 2013. This Scheme will enable members of the Public to view and access information held by the Parish Council; and further the aim of this Parish Council to aspire to open, transparent and inclusive government.

How to obtain Information:-

There are SIX ways to obtain information:-

– The Parish Council website
– Inspect documents held by the Clerk
– Individual written requests
– Parish Noticeboards
– Bi-annual Newsletters
– Attendance at Parish Council Meetings

The website address is

Access is also available at local Libraries.

This site contains the type of information which is routinely published – Minutes and Agendas, and the information required may be easily available in these documents.

To inspect Documents held by the Clerk:

If you wish to view any of these documents, contact the Clerk, either by the website facility, post or telephone. It might be necessary to make an appointment to inspect documents.

Appointments – Monday to Friday at a time to be arranged by The Clerk.

Individual Written Requests:

If the information you require is not included in any of the above – you may send a written request to:

The Parish Clerk
Heath Charnock Parish Council
12 Berry Square, Whitehall Lane
Tel:01204 692684

You must include your name and address for correspondence, a description of the information required, and a stamped addressed envelope. Within 20 working days of receipt of your request the Parish Council will;

– Confirm whether or not it holds the information you require
– Will advise you if there is a fee to be charged
– After any fee has been paid, the Clerk will provide you with the information requested, unless an exemption applies.


Some information may not be provided by the Parish Council, as there are 23 exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act. For example some personal data about employees is protected by the Data Protection Act of 1998; as is some commercially confidential and sensitive information.

Parish Noticeboards

The Parish Council has provided and maintains four public Noticeboards. They contain a limited amount of information, constrained by their size. They are located at:

– Motorway Bridge, New Road
– Chorley Road, near the Cardwell
– Skew Bridge
– The Black Horse at Limbrick

The Parish Newsletter

This is produced twice a year and is hand delivered to every household within the Parish. Additional copies are available at the Library on Railway Road, or can be obtained by accessing the Parish Website.

Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings are held monthly at Adlington and District Community Centre on Railway Road. (there is usually no meeting in July or December; unless there are pressing matters to be dealt with). Members of the Public are always welcome to observe the Meetings. If you wish to speak at the Meeting, or wish a matter to be placed on the Agenda (which are both at the discretion of the Chairman); a minimum of 7 working days notice to the Clerk is required. (We require this notice as we are then required to publicize the fact on our Agenda).

Further Help

If you need any help to access information from the Council under the Freedom of Information Act, please contact the Parish Clerk at the address previously given. You will also find more detailed guidance on the website of the Information Commissioner.


If you are dissatisfied with the response from the Parish Council, then you should put your complaint in writing to the Parish Clerk at the previous address. If you are still dissatisfied, you should contact the Information Commissioner at:

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 01625 545700

Fee charges as at September 2013 –

10 pence per A4 black and white photo copy
Standard 2nd Class Post
Any other charges will be individually advised upon request.

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